Flight of the Eagle - The eagle wounded by the poacher is once again flying high: freed from the Forestry Service in Carmo Langan (near San Remo).

The eagle wounded by the poacher is once again flying high; freed from the Forestry Service, in Carmo Langan, a mountainous area halfway between San Remo (Italian Riviera Ligure) and Monte Carlo..

It was wounded by a "range" of pellets.

The golden eagle that had been shot, fallen to the ground hurt and scared at Easter, has started to fly again.

The eagle fell from the heights of the Maritime Alps at about 1500 meters, trying to rest on the parapet of a very busy road in a small village about 70 meters above sea level. It allowed itself to be saved and held "by humans" perhaps aware of its need for care. Saved by a volunteer of the Zoophilic guards and the men of the Italian Forestry service, it responded well to treatment from the veterinarians and was released on top of Carmo Langan, at an altitude of 1300 meters.

The "assassin’s" hand that shot the bird of prey, measuring a wingspan of about 2 meters and 20 cm, and is very rare in Europe, luckily didn’t get the best of it.

The eagle spread its wings taking flight in search of its companion, who we’re sure has been anxiously awaiting its return. Eagles choose their partner for life: they don’t know what divorce is and the only separation they come to know is what’s caused by the poachers.

The end of March is the time the eggs hatch, so it is highly probable that the eagle was in search of food for its babies, who most likely will not be able to survive if deprived of their mother’s care.

Now the Forestry Service investigations continue as they try to trace down the poacher.

The release was filmed by the Bunny Models crew of Bergamo, a city close to Milan, which specializes in shooting from above with the aid of camera operators on the ground and cameras positioned on drones.

The music was offered by Mr. Mariano Schiavolini, creator, producer of the movie, and musician of the band Celeste, a famous progressive music band of the 70s, along with Danilo Mosetti, esteemed composer of film music.

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