Benji the Bear

Benji l'Orso: saved by Animal Asia from the farms of bile, Benji is fully enjoying his new feedom in the national reserve park of Chengdu,in China.

Benji is a brown tibetan bear and lives now in his house, specially built to fit his stocky body , along with his life partner Poupouce. Here, Benji can comfortably and easily climb on all strong structures specifically made to face his weight and strenght. This fantastic giant , is a very active and lively bear that loves to play with water and spends hours in his swimming pool during the hot summer days.

Benji, with his sister Poupouce, have been rescued on july26, 2005 on a mountain side of the Sichuan Province, close to the tibetan border.

Some monks of the Litang monastery, took good care of them so to save them from being used in the bile farms.

The monks were unable to satisfy the bears' s needs in total so they were compelled to ask for help to local representatives, that gave Benji and Poupouce to Animal Asia.

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