Heartless Human

Heartless Human (Setteottavi song) can be heard in the background. It is a song realized live by Celeste’s group in 1997 (progressive sax jazz) where the 7/8-measure rhythm varies continuously, creating difficulty in understanding the beginning of the bar.

It is a progressive sax jazz piece where a particular keyboard sound emerges, realized by Schiavolini with the legendary ARP Solina String Ensemble by Eminent specifically delayed relative to bar changes. Important contemporary international groups picked up this type of sound and harmonization.

The track “Setteottavi”, which is apparently difficult to listen to, was adapted perfectly to the images of the video creating a precise and engaging message.



In the footage, the heartless human seems to be observed from the critical gaze of the hunted and tortured animals.

The chained monkey’s intelligent look seems to emphasize the harshness that man gives to the helpless animal kingdom.

One shot and the rhinoceros are shot to death by a poacher. The wailing saxophone stresses the reckless gesture.

It then continues with the sweet images of “George”, the last Galapagos turtle that died at 100 years of age, a family of bears and a mother camel who lovingly takes care of a baby orphan gazelle.

The Tibetan bear freed and taken care of that greets happily with the rhythm of the music, then the cheetah, giraffes, monkeys, baby elephant, gazelle, reindeer and zebras all running free in the forest.

The dramatic music supports images of herds of buffaloes and elephants that migrate for necessity of water, pasture and to give birth to their own babies. Then more saxophone music by Lagorio with a sharp voice complaining about the pain inflicted on the animals of the forest by man.

Observing eyes, caged animals, hunted down animals and display of Amur leopard skins in serious danger of extinction.


The final music supports images of hope with a sweet, thick, high melodic musical refrain.



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