WWF Press Release

  • In response to the CITES committee decision to reject all listing proposals to change protections for African elephants, WWF issued a statement from Paul De Ornellas, Senior Policy Advisor: “The existing ban on international elephant ivory trade that applies to all countries remains intact.“While the southern Africa countries in question have...

  • In reaction to the fires burning in the Brazilian Amazon, Kerry Cesareo, senior vice president, forests at World Wildlife Fund said: “The out of control forest fires in Brazil are devastating, but not surprising. Extremely dry conditions and continual deforestation have led to an increase in fires in the region this...

  • "Los incendios forestales descontrolados en Brasil son devastadores, pero no sorprendentes. Las condiciones extremadamente secas y el aumento en la deforestación han incidido en incendios más frecuentes en la región. De enero a mediados de agosto de este año, hemos visto un 70% más de incendios en relación a lo...

  • In response to the decision by the CITES committee to maintain current Appendix II protections for saiga antelope and add an annotation for a zero-export quota for commercial trade purposes, WWF issued the following statement from Hamera Aisha, Manager for Wildlife, WWF-Pakistan: "Saiga antelope populations have decreased so dramatically from disease...

  • In response to the decision by the CITES committee to accept Resolution 15.6, Cooperation between CITES and the World Heritage Convention, WWF issued the following statement from Colman O Criodain, Policy Manager, Wildlife Practice: "This is an important step toward uniting efforts to tackle unsustainable wildlife trade and efforts to protect...

Greenpeace News

  • If it seems like we’ve been talking about lawsuits a lot lately, it’s because we have.Corporate bullies, helped by Donald Trump’s go-to law firm, have filed two massive lawsuits against Greenpeace in the last two years. They aim to silence us, but we are not alone. Many of our allies...

  • It is that time again. Four years roll by and once more the greatest winter athletes in the world will come together to wow us on death-defying luge runs, courageous ski jumps or surprisingly mesmerising curling slides matches.Unfortunately, all is not well in this winter wonderland.In preparations for these games, many...

  • James (Jon) Castle - 7 December 1950 to 12 January 2018Over four decades Captain Jon Castle navigated Greenpeace ships by the twin stars of ‘right and wrong’, defending the environment and promoting peace. Greenpeace chronicler, Rex Weyler, recounts a few of the stories that made up an extraordinary life.Captain Jon Castle...

  • Ever since the first production car rolled off the assembly line more than 100 years ago, our love affair with automobiles has grown and grown. In countries like the UK, France, Italy and Germany there are now around 5 vehicles for every 10 people. In the USA, Australia and New Zealand,...

  • Most people would be surprised about how many species of cold-water corals and amazing sponges you’d find on the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean. Even as the scientist who has identified three quarters of the registered seafloor communities designated for special protection in the Antarctic, I’ve never seen them myself...

These videos reports also need your support.

We count on you to spread the message all over the world.in order to force poaching once for good.

So, join to the campaign "Music Stop Poaching"



Seawards: "To meet the sun" - The flight of hope of a flock of flamingos who make their way to a destination far away, going towards the sun.

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White Puppy - Red Eyes: sweet images of seals in a marine setting, serene as long as they live in their habitat, to the tune of "Celeste".

See video

The Dance of Corals: stingrays, seahorses, sharks, a very nice beluga, dolphins dancing and then the slow passage of sea turtles.

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The cry of the Deer: loneliness in the fog, the subtle sound of the wind and ethnic tribal music are the spectators of the sad story of a deer.

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Help the rhino: a poignant musical theme which accompanies the images that tell the sad fate of this great and peaceful pachyderm, which is nearing extinction.

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Whale song of the dream: the deep sea and the mystery that surrounds them, the habits of these great mammals told by the fascinating music of their songs.

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Happy Animals: is Disney-style music which forms the soundtrack to a video which tells of the joyful moments in the life of wild animals.

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The White Prince of the Forest: is a musical fairy tale which blends with the innocence of nature, creating a harmonious, almost surreal whole.

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Triumph of Freedom: the solitude of big cats, represented as a moment of great happiness because, for them, solitude is synonymous with freedom.

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Rainbow of Hope: "Suite Life": blends a mixture of different atmospheres, until they become almost conflicting, resulting in a joyous music, which is bizarre and romantic.

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Heartless Human: all-seeing eyes, caged animals, exposed skin, strong images that want to give hope through a sweet melody.

See video

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