Raimbow of Hope

The song contains various atmospheres, from the joyous highlighting the percussions of Perrino, to the bizarre with interventions of piano and two Jazz-rock saxophones to the romantic with the mellotron and piano and finally the psychedelic with the use of the famous ARP Odyssey synthesizer in the final part.

The small birds happily feast with the food that their mother puts in their beaks, a woodpecker in the forest, and penguins along the banks of a river, parrots, the yawn of a hippopotamus on the notes of the bassoon.

The middle part of the video gives a suggestive atmosphere of the great migration, of wildebeests along with zebras and with elephants.

Still in the middle part, monkeys and a beautiful gorilla specimen, a family of orangutans swinging with their little ones with the rhythm of the music as well as the nursery rhyme for children. Then there is the majesty of the lion and the elephant.

Beautiful views of the Savannak and sweet images of the mothers who look after their little ones with the classical musical theme realized by Lagorio’s acoustic piano. With fascinating images of an eagle’s flight created in 3D that doesn’t take away the magic of the moment and then switching to high peaks with foxes and dear using the electric bass in counterpoint performed by Battaglia in Celeste’s unique and characteristic way.

The jump of a gazelle in total freedom, the French horn made with sounds from the minimoog, as background to the bear and to a herd of mythical chamois descending from the high mountains. The finale shows two beautiful stork specimens in their nests and cold under the pouring rain as well as a beautiful waterfall with the vision of the “rainbow of hope”.


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