Whale song let dream

The deep-sea mystery joins that of the music and together they greet giant whales and sharks, which with sinuous movements cross the lens with the utmost calm trusting man.

In their habitat, the whales are undisturbed and communicate with each other, creating melodious and charming songs of courtship, emitted by the male.

But in addition to the enchanting romantic side, the tragic whale hunting side (that some national laws currently allow) from a whaler is also shown.

Some information:


Whales occupying the same geographical regions tend to sing similar songs, with only slight variations.


Whales that live in regions that do not overlap sing different phrases and themes.


Most whales produce sounds with varying degrees of complexity.


The sounds of whales travel up to 3000 km.


The shark is a fish that is still caught by some countries where it is consumed both raw and cooked, for food (fins, meat), industrial (liver oil) and popular culture (it is an ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine) and is in great danger of extinction.


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