White Prince of the Forest

The fairy tale music of White prince of the forest (by Celeste and recorded live back in 1973) merges with the whiteness of nature in unison with the chirping of birds with mouths wide-open awaiting food from their mother. Seals dance and dolphins jump on the surface of the sea accompanied by the sound of celestial flutes. Chamois run on the slopes of the snow-capped mountains in complete freedom while two bighorn sheep give incredulous looks to who observes them. The undisputed Prince of the mountain is a beautiful white wolf. The seabed is filled with fish and corals that are happy to be caressed by the video operator while a majestic giant tortoise can be easily admired. Then while moving slowly towards the infinity of the ocean, an electric piano improvisation of “Wurlitzer” by Lagorio accompanied by the arpeggios of the guitar Ovation by Schiavolini.


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